What is an all-season tyre?

An all-season tyre is a summer tyre, which also has characteristics of a winter tyre. An all-season tyre offers excellent grip on dry and wet roads and at temperatures above and below the 7°C.

The all season tyre is suitable for:

  • Those who do not drive more than 10.000 km per year
  • Those who do not want to change their tyres twice a year

Novex All Season & All Season LT

Besides summer tyres Novex also offers a complete all-season range for passenger cars and light trucks. These patterns, named All Season 3E and for light trucks we expect the All Season LT3 in the near future. These tyres are designed for driving all year round in all weather conditions. We have in total 50 all season sizes available, ranging from 13 up to 19 inch.

Novex’ all season tyres are marked with the ‘Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol’ which means that they are officially recognized as winter tyres (also in Germany).