What is the importance of good tyre pressure?

Tyre pressure

Rubber is porous. Therefore, tyres are never completely air and gas tight: a tyre loses approximately 0.1 bar of pressure per month. If you drive with tyres under the correct pressure this distorts the tyre and therefore causes increased rolling resistance. Consider the pressure in bicycle tyres. Anyone riding on soft tyres must pedal much harder in order to move forward. This extra generation of heat can overheat the tyres, increasing the risk of a blowout.

Influence tyre pressure on the lifetime of a tyre

Insufficient tyre pressure also results in increased tyre wear. The diagram shows 30% insufficient pressure increases the wear by no less than 50%. So an extra check cannot do any harm. Ask your VACO tyre specialist for advice.

What is the correct tyre pressure?

The required tyre pressure depends on the tyre size. This is usually stated on the door post of the driver’s door, the inside of the fuel tank cap or on the tyre pressure tables at filling stations.

Check your tyres when they are COLD. When you have driven for some time the tyres become warm and the pressure increases. So check your tyres before you drive or first allow them to cool off for 15 minutes. And remember the reserve tyres.

Tyre Pressure Measurement System (TPMS)

There are currently measuring systems available that constantly monitor your tyre pressure. This is called Tyre Pressure Measurement System or TPMS. These TPMS are available separately and can be built into the tyres or onto the valve of your caravan subsequently. This system warns you when the tyre pressure drops below the recommended pressure, thereby informing you when the tyre pressure is too low and that you must return them to the correct pressure. Go to your VACO tyre specialist for professional advice.

Source: VACO