Tyre Replacement

Are your current Novex tyres damaged and should you replace them? We give extra discount on the purchase of new Novex tyres.


We believe in the Novex brand, which is why we have developed the Tyre Replacement Plan (TRP) for you. The Novex Tyre Replacement Plan gives you, the users of Novex car tyres, the right (under conditions) to claim a discount on the purchase price of new Novex tyres if your Novex tyres require replacement due to damage. The term damage refers to damage caused by collisions or other circumstances that cannot be attributed to the end user.

This discount can be claimed at the garage that will replace the damaged tyres with the new tyres. This involves the user in question and the garage jointly with sending the TRP form to:

Van Den Ban Autobanden B.V.
Post box 17
3220 AA Hellevoetsluis

Or send a mail to info@novexbanden.nl

Residual profile depth Discount
  more than 8 mm  100%
  7 – 8 mm  80%
  6 – 7 mm  60%
  5 – 6 mm  40%
  4 – 5 mm  30%
  3 – 4 mm  10%
  less than 3 mm  0%



  • Van den Ban Autobanden B.V. gives a discount on the purchase of Novex brand car tyres through the relevant garage. This discount is given when these tyres are purchased in order to replace damaged tyres. The discount will only be given if, in the judgement of Van Den Ban Autobanden B.V., the damage to the tyres involved is not intentional or the consequence of gross negligence on the part of the user of the tyres offered as replacements;
  • The size of discount depends on the profile depth of the tyres offered for replacement and the purchase price of these tyres. The greater the profile depth, the higher the discount percentage. The relationship between the depth of the profile and the size of the discount is specified in the table above. The discount percentage is also calculated on the purchase price of the tyres being offered for replacement in the case of the purchase of a tyre/wheel combination. The discount is never paid out in cash;
  • The discount scheme applies to the purchase of tyres by end users after 1 January 2014 and ends on the date on which the discount scheme is discontinued by Van Den Ban Autobanden B.V. When the discount scheme is discontinued it will still apply to tyres that were purchased a maximum of twelve months before the date on which the discount scheme is discontinued;
  • The discount scheme is valid for a period of twelve months, commencing on the purchase date of the tyres offered for replacement;
  • The discount scheme is not applicable if the tyres offered for replacement are damaged as a consequence of contruction faults, production faults or a consequence of incorrect instructions in relation to the use of the tyres in question;
  • In this discount scheme the term date of purchase of tyres refers to the time at which the tyres in question were fitted, at the behest of the end user, by the garage that will consign the TRP application form;
  • If an end user wishes to submit a claim on the basis of the abovementioned discount scheme, this end user must send the Original TRP application form, the original purchase invoice of the tyres to be replaced and the original purchase invoice of the Novex tyres purchased for evaluation to: Van Den Ban Autobanden B.V., address as stated in the opening lines of this scheme. Communication in relation to this discount scheme will be handled through the following Internet address: www.novextyres.com.